Early experiences leave physical footprints in your body that significantly affect whether you live from fear and insecurity, or from love and courage. Connect here with the latest research on the subject and be in the know now.


In this section you will find books on various topics as they relate to your mental and physical well being. The YADA Method draws upon research from leading professionals in a variety of fields.  Learn from the best. Click on the book that interests you to learn more. 


Emotions are chemical molecules that embed in various organs in your body. These organs are connected to the physiological response of your body to your emotions.  Toxic emotional molecules stored at this cellular level contribute to the development of disease in your body. Dr. Candace Pert with Bill Moyers on "Healing and the Mind."

Dr. Caroline Leaf on the power of the mind to shape the brain. You are not stuck, you can change your brain!


The way parents and other primary caregivers interact with us at young ages significantly impacts our life-long sense of security and well-being. The Still Face Experiment with Dr. Edward Tronick demonstrates the critical importance of early parent-child attunement for the mental-emotional well being of the child.

Be advised before watching, this is heartbreak hotel! Dr. Harry Harlow's monkey studies reveal the vital importance of early mother-child bonding and nurturing for our long term mental, emotional and social well-being.  


Researchers have discovered the surprising truth that you can inherit your parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents bad experiences and have them express in your own body. This happens through a process called epigenetics.

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